Power is not what you gain, it’s what you give

FlashForward is an event by the Shuttleworth Foundation generated from a desire to celebrate our Flash Grant recipients and enhance our connections as a fellowship community. We fund inspired individuals who imagine a better, more open world. But money is only part of the pairing: to give more effectively and influence systems for change, we nurture the right conditions, relationships and environments for our fellows to thrive. Now, we are expanding our processes further and seeking out new ways to support our extended network.

Flash Grantees need space to experiment, fail, learn and evolve to make real change. As the light-bearer of an idea or movement, it is often a lonely experience, no matter how much support you receive from your grassroots community.

FlashForward brings you and your communities into a constructive and open environment with other potential leaders. We hope you will bounce ideas, share experiences, and uncover the connections that link all of our causes.

Flash Grants have been a twice-yearly fixture in our community calendar since 2011. Today, you are one of over 520 grantees: individuals challenging the status quo, innovating in the social space, or working on projects and issues important to our fellows. We would love for you to share your work and experiences at FlashForward.

This event is hosted by the Shuttleworth Foundation but curated by you, the Flash Grantees, to enable a proliferation of knowledge exchange around the world. We can tell our stories, connect with each other, and seek out new modes of collaboration. We can discuss our journeys, challenges, and successes. And we can shine a light on the pathway to regeneration, creating new narratives for the emerging future and building towards a goal that inspires the Flash Grant programme:

An abundant world through sharing and collaboration.

Feel free to propose an event for inclusion using this form


For more info or to discuss ideas please email jason@flashgrants.org

Code of conduct

You can find the FlashForward Code of the conduct here


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